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Todd Martin, owner and sole inspector, has 20+ years of experience in home repairs and remodeling. He started out doing structural repairs, and set standards to which others were compared. He performed all types of crawl space repairs, from floor joist, sill plate and header repairs and replacements to replacing main support beams, installing support systems and replacing damaged support piers. For example, in a typical job involving water damage under a house, Todd would inspect the property for water damage and then perform the appropriate repair, which might include a french drain system and/or a sump pump.   


After about 10 years in structural repair, he expanded into the remodeling business. In this area of construction, Todd either performed the work himself or oversaw it. He has covered every aspect of home remodeling, including electrical, plumbing, roofing and interior design. He has specialized in kitchens and bathrooms, but has also been involved with about two dozen complete renovations/flips. In all of these roles, he has worked closely with area realtors, subcontractors and homeowners to design and implement remodels and repairs with his own crew and/or subcontractors to give the homeowner a finished product that was exactly what they wanted.  


Todd is a licensed home inspector, having met the classroom and exam requirements of the Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors. Now he would like to bring that and all of his experience together to help you with the largest single investment of your life - your new house. Let him put this experience to work to help you with your buying decision by inspecting your future home. 


Todd now resides in West Paducah and attends Milburn Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church with his wife Sheila.


Home Inspections will be conducted according to the Standards of Practice of the ASHI. These SOP can be found at the ASHI website at http://www.homeinspector.org/docs/standards_updated.pdf.